Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Best Laid Plans...
Well, let's see. Where to start this? I guess with the fact that when I left the house, I was headed down the hill to Ritz Camera, which is near Carrs.

Of course, good intentions get you nowhere or, in my case, a trifle off-target. As I went down the hill, I noted that the mountains were either missing totally as they hid behind the clouds or peeking thru the clouds in a few spots. Interesting, I thought.

Okay, it'll be no real surprise to you who know me to hear that since the camera was in the car, I decided to "drive around the block." Yeah, right. Around the block. Let's just say, that's one long block between here and Palmer, which is where I wound up. I do detours well, huh? Some of my most memorable experiences have been the result of doing nothing more than getting in the car and going wherever my whims took me. While I'll never be an adventurer, going off road to investigate what's around the next corner, I've found Alaska provides plenty of wonderful, often whimsical discoveries down the side roads just for those who dare look. I hope I never lose that urge to "look."

Colors are a bit off on some cos I was using it as an excuse to play with some settings on the camera and then PhotoShop when I got home but figured you'd enjoy a peek anyway. Not a bad view from McDonalds, huh? Seriously, the wonders of this place never fail to impress me. To think I can be sitting in my car at a McDonalds and see sights as incredible as this is just amazing.

I might note, Norma, that I was perfectly comfy when I left the house with Karen's fleece over a tee shirt but was putting on the coat that stays in the back seat of the car before I was done. Me thinks maybe it's time to toss the Neos in there, too, cos some of that cold may be heading this way, too, tho' you're welcome to keep your blizzard out there in Skwentna. I don't think I'll do blizzards well, not do I want to find out if I'm right or wrong. Hey, even I have my limits. There are a few adventures Alaska can keep for someone else.