Saturday, January 14, 2006

Rumblings From the Earth

I knew when I moved to Alaska that volcanic activity was a possibility, but never quite expected to experience it so soon. As I type, Mt. Augustine, located more or less across Cook Inlet from Homer, has erupted several times over the last few days, at least four times today alone. Suddenly, I'm finding myself pondering the reality of ash fall and kicking myself that I didn't go buy a spare air filter for the car. I rationalize that by remembering, 'Hey, I can hibernate. I don't have to go out,' but it would have still been a smart move to have done that while I was in stockpile mode. I have done most of the other recommended pre-ash far activities, however, and am about as ready for the unknown as I can possibly be.

I'd characterize my current mood as wary, and tho' it'd be unfair to say I'm genuinely uneasy, I am uneasy in the sense that I'm facing something unknown to me. Hurricanes and tornadoes are known, volcanic rumblings and ash are totally alien to me. I'm afraid this is one Alaskan adventure I'd have been more than happy to have skipped. Ironically, still buried in a box somewhere is a pillbox full of ash from Mt. St. Helen's given to me by a friend after that eruption. Let's hope Mt. Augustine isn't that memorable.

Update 2-25-06: False alarm, thank goodness. As I type, officials are saying Augustine appears to be cooling off and settling down. As noted above, this is one adventure I have no problem delaying.