Friday, January 30, 2009

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

And, finally, today a sunRISE fix

Looking outside through the kitchen window (from the living room) this morning at about 9:10 AM, this is what I saw.
Looking generally to the SE

"Purple mountain majesty..."

Slowly, the intense red began to fade away, but a nice start to the day. Check out Donna Quante's photos of the same sunrise at She even had birds that were kind enough to pose.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Today I Got a Sunset Fix

Sunset or no sunset, this is not a happy Sheltie. Foxy says she's wet, the wind is blowing something fierce, there's ice on the driveway behind her and she's standing in water....and her idiot owner expects her to smile for the camera?
Anyway, even if I did manage to annoy Foxy, the sunset was still quite nice.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Getting My Mountain Fix

Somehow my trip to the grocery store here in Wasilla wound up with me in Palmer, so enjoy the photos taken along the way. The first few are from an overlook just a bit north of Palmer, then the rest here and there off Palmer-Wasilla Hwy.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Then came the rain...

Looking out my front window this morning....where did the snow go?
Outside view, ice and standing water in the driveway
Standing water in the yard, too.
Looking sorta straight out the driveway. What looks like water is just that....or ice. Very icy, some black ice, too, in the neighborhood.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Everyday Sights in the Winter

Brrrrr, this one looks cold.
Prior to some PhotoShopping, it looked cold, too, in the original version.
Admittedly, not the best picture of the moon I've ever taken, but a fun shot.
High noon? Actually, I don't recall, but this moon over the mountains view is quite common right now.
Steaming cars is another common sight, this time at the McDonalds drivethrough.
Snowplowing left this jumble of snow chunks along the road.
Normally, when pull into the bank, I stop where this snow pile is to finish filling out forms.
Directly out the window, with the middle area being about level with my head (seated in the car).
Chunks of snow, big chunks, alongside the ATM drive-through at my Wells-Fargo. Looks like they might have come off the roof.
I couldn't quite work the moon into this shot of the flag and mountains, dang it, but pretend it's hovering just outta view to the top left.
My house from Long Cub. Looks kinda cool, almost like a ski chalet. Ha
Amazing how big it looks, too, from down below and from the rear. The part that's sort center is the hot tub cabin.
Driveway a bit later. Some snow drifted into the driveway when we were having the last fierce winds and I'm still working on getting this one area under control, hopefully before the next snows.