Friday, September 30, 2011

Another Trip to Anchorage Photos

 The first few were taken on the way outta Wasilla along Parks Highway.
 I was really loving the play of the clouds on the mountains.

 Even the clouds themselves were pretty cool looking.

 Closing in on Glenn Highway

 The leaves were noticeably thinner and the colors less intense.
This one looks like a "coming home" shot. Obviously wasn't shooting much on the way into the big city.

 Low tide, I'd say.  Ha
 Cloud cover over the Talkeetnas.

And, home again, home again, well, almost, as we pass one of my favorite eating places, the Trout House, aka Windbreak. Other than the Millennium Hotel, where I was staying my very first trip up here, I had my first meal "out" here in 2000, so it's always held a special place in my history and heart.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Idita-Park Views and Nearby

 Passed the Mug-Shot Saloon on the way up Parks Hwy. to the gas station on the way home and couldn't resist stopping for a picture.
 Although it has seemed at times as if it's raining leaves, we've still got lots of color. this is in Idita-Park, as are those that follow, or at least views from there.

Artsy moment, Shadows of Fall on Stone? Ha

Wasilla Lake Views of the Day

 Uh, diving duck butt

Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall's Last Gasp - Random Shots

 As I type, it's mid-afternoon Monday. This view was taken late afternoon on Saturday. The temps are dropping, there was frost last night and it's possible we'll see temps in the 20s tonight! Yes, I'd say Fall is fleeting and winter is on the way, but am enjoying every last drop of fall colors while I can.

These reds cling to the top of the front fence. The opening, left, is where the driveway entrance is located. There's actually a gate, too, but I rarely close it.
The fireweed, front, is on my side of the chainlink fence, the gorgeous red leaves beyond.
 Most of the leaves in this pix are now on the ground.
 Fireweed, gone to fluff
More fireweed
 Hey, how about tossing me some bread crumbs?
 I'm not even quite sure where I took this one.  Pretty, anyway.
 These blue bells were the last hold outs in my yard, here shown beginning to be overwhelmed by the falling leaves.
 I'd tossed out some stale popcorn that was quickly being scarfed up by my feathered friends.
 The ferns on the north side of the house are fading fast.
They've since cleared 'em out, but these lovelies were till hanging in there at the library's flower beds about a week ago.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall Reds in the Yard

 At first it's subtle, the reds start creeping into the yellow displays that tend to dominate here, like this one just above Wasilla Lake.
 Then, as the fireweed begins it's morph from flower to firey weed, the reds begin to color our landscape.
 These two shots, this one and the next, were taken through my front window but still do a good job of capturing the lovely colors that surround us during a good Fall in Alaska.
The little snowflake decal, btw, is on the window in an effort to keep the birds from whamming into it. It works....sorta. Anyway, the red toward the bottom is mostly fireweed on my side of the chain link fence while the red leaves are in a neighbors yard. I've really got to break down and ask them what kind of trees these are one of these days.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Scenic Glenn Highway

 Had to go into the big city, ie Anchorage, yesterday, so snapped a few pix on the way home. The leaves are changing colors and falling like crazy, so fall, or maybe even winter is very much in the air and it's beautiful.