Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pretty Skies and Pretty Flowers

Beautiful day in Wasilla

Initially I got excited when I saw this "almost Columbine" thinking, FINALLY, they're here....

...Then much to my surprise, found this beauty hiding in the ribbon grass up against the house

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Eklutna Cemetary in Winter, photos by Bilinda Marshall

Bilinda Marshall was kind enough to share some photos she took from the parking area of the Eklutna Cemetary this winter. Looks a bit different, doesn't it?
When I was in this same spot today, the only thing I had to watch out for was mud and those pesky mosquitoes.
Spirit houses shrouded in snow.

A quick photo tour of Eklutna Cemetary

Since I was already wet from taking photos of flowers in the rain, I decided that I might as well go play tourist in the rain, too. My destination? Eklutna, down toward Eagle River and just off Glenn Highway.
Selection of color is symbolic, the red and white indicating members of the Alex Family. Mike Alex was a former chief and is buried here.

Mike Alex's grave
Deterioration is allowed, even encouraged, so you'll see Spirit Houses in various stages.
Walking back into the cemetary area, just past the gravesite for Mike Alex
Amazing! This one is new since I was last there, some time ago, and looks like it must be the result of a doll house kit?
Perhaps more amazing, this is the Spirit House beside the house above.
Unsure whose grave this moose/bear marks, but from the red coloring will assume it is part of the Alex Family plot.

Recent rains have made growth really spurt up, threatening to hide some of the older spirit houses in nature.
Anyone out there surprised that I spent some serious time taking photos of the flowers growing there, too. Well, at least when I wasn't trying to make sure the mosquitoes didn't carry me off for a snack.

Personal items and memories are scattered throughout the cemetary, making it real to those who might forget these are real people buried here, that this isn't just some tourist trap.

Symbolic designs are used, too, this one indicating someone who was a seaman.



Finally, I meandered on around to the Native PowWow being held near the cemetary. It was raining and muddy, not to mention the mosquitoes were reminding everyone that when you're out in the woods they rule, but still enjoyed making a quick circuit.
Probably a good thing I only took lunch money or I might have come home with this or one very much like it.
Parking was adjacent to the railroad tracks. Since it isn't often I get to stand around in the middle of two tracks, you know good and well that I couldn't resist snapping a photo from that position.

More Rainy Day Flowers

Somehow, I'm beginning to see a trend. On pretty, sunny days, I stay home, nose to the grindstone, aka computer, but let it rain and, poof, I'm off in search of wet flowers. Am I predictable or what?

Finally, the lilac bush is beginning to bloom.

Mosquitos beware, my Mosquito Magnet is up and running.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Rainy Day Flowers

You know summer is here when you start seeing flower displays like this popping up all over. This one belongs to my neighbor Pat, across the street.

Obviously my brief war against the dandelions didn't last long. June 0, dandelions, well, too many to count.

Flowers everywhere have been slow to come this year, but my trollis, aka "the pretty yellow flower," is trying.

Budding continues...
Raindrops on leaves

More raindrops on leaves. Can you tell where a flower is eventually going to pop up?

On any given day the library is one of my favorite places to go, but I especially love it in the summertime. They put out a stupendous flower bed and it's just now beginning to emerge with its bursts of color.

This one looked like it'd feel satin-y to the touch. It's right outside the library doors.

Just one of many such bursts of vivid color in the flower bed fronting the library on Main Street. As you can see, it was gathering raindrops

One of the other cool things about our library is that they have hanging baskets all along the outside wall along the parking area. Lots of color!

The rain was giving this more or less red circle of flowers a bit of an exotic feel.

Perhaps I was having a bit of a "let's collect raindrops day" myself, only in my case with the camera.

Raindrops are falling on my head.... but isn't the result lovely?