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Friday, August 28, 2009

Random Scenes From the Fair, Part 1

Welcome to the Alaska State Fair, 2009.

Hey, Linus, we found the Great Pumpkin!

The Petting Zoo always seems to be in the darkest part of the barn, deliberate, I'm sure, to help keep the animals cool, but the goats and a couple tiny little piggies were adorable.

For a mere $2250, you can own this bench!
This is the 2010 Iditarod logo for a shirt pocket.

This nice generic design is probably one of my favorite. I have several shirts in different colors with the same design.

Lance will be at the fair, tho' can't recall when.
Here's the 2010 logo.

Outside the Iditarod's booth. I'm so used to seeing red trucks that the blue one took me by surprise. I'm conditioned, I guess, to expecting to see red.

This wasn't at the ITC's booth, but a few booths up the way at Myron Rosenberg. His stuff is excellent:
(Thanks for the link, Rosemary.)
Didn't really venture down to the ride area, but did capture a couple shots.

So, surprised that I found some flowers to stalk while inside the fairgrounds?

This was on the outside wall of a sign making shop.
Beautiful crafts everywhere.

Heck, even the President was there, tho' he didn't have much to say.

Helen really liked this sign. So, whatta you think? Will she wind up owning it before the fair is over?
Gotta admit, this was one of the weirder booths, but, hey, I kinda liked the rock monuments.

I never saw the sign on the displays here, but got the idea they were all to be made of everyday items you might otherwise throw away.
Beautiful piece of work.
Uh, oh, found more flowers....
Rain clouds were beginning to move in a bit, but the place was packed.
Keep scrolling for more pix, part 2 of these series, then entries on the quilts, Hobo Jim, and the equestrian show we caught. Enjoy!

Random Scenes From the Fair, Part 2

Moose grinning photo by Barb Redington

I want this bench!!!

I wouldn't mind having this stained glass piece, either.

He called himself "Steve, the Pretty Good Magician".

I actually took this shot on the way in but it goes with the next few cos it was part of an elaborate, working toy train display.

This was about on the opposite side of the above shot.

And here comes the train!

Through the tunnel and, hey, there's Helen in the brown vest to the left of the sign at the top.

Uh, oh, see that white stuff in the distance? Termination Dust, which even Hobo Jim (photos of him follow in separate entry) wouldn't let me ignore.

And....we're outta there, heading home. Check out some other stuff below that I put in different entries to keep down the number of pictures in each.