Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sunset, snow, moose and more

As usual, I managed to miss a good chunk of the sunset, but it was still quite pretty.

From earlier in the day, this snow-covered car sorta caught my eye since it was the only one I saw, go figure.

The snow line creeps ever downward....
The next two are from Pat, used with her permission.

Thought at first this was a ptarmigan still wearing it's fall colors but, in retrospect, am now thinking it's a grouse.
Hey, Pat's already got a pet moose!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Snow-Covered Friday Morning Scenics

All photos in this entry courtesy of Pat Schue.

The First "Real" Snow

Unlike the snow of a couple days ago that just visited and left, this snow looks a bit more serious. Not much sun so far today, tho' if it actually peeks out for more than a few seconds, I might actually be inspired to put on real clothes and venture out to one of the lakes with the camera. Until then, I'm in "through the window" mode.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Video Clip-- "Let It Snow"

Okay, I'm obviously never going to get invited to audition for "American Idol" but what the heck. The first snowfall of the season does strange things to me!

The Day After the Snow

This was the view out my back door in the late afternoon yesterday.
Zooming in, slower lens, to show the flakes.

Today, this was about all that was left, tiny piles of sunshine resistent flakes.

Snow circles, anyone? Taken of an area that was sorta white all over yesterday. By noon today, about when I took this, this was all that was left. You can definitely tell that I mow in circles around the cache flower bed, tho', huh?

Taking the long route to the library...from behind Home Depot, overlooking Wasilla Lake.

But, in almost the opposite direction, mountains were hazed in. As I type, a heavy fog has settled, so I guess I know what direction it snuck up on us from.

Fun with shadows

Pretty mountains, pretty skies...

Looking out over Wasilla, over where Parks Highway nears Palmer-Wasilla HIghway from the east.

From the Pandemonium Bookstore parking lot, looking mostly SE.

A bit more directly Southerly view. I swear there was some silver in there, most likely the fog reflecting the sun, but it got lost in the download.

And how could I resist a quick stop at Wasilla Lake?

I didn't walk down the path today but looked like someone was sitting at a table enjoying the view.

Just a tiny bit of a closer look so you can compare the snow levels with previous pictures if you're so inclined. Then again, much easier to just take my word for it, it's creeping down the mountains again.


Monday, October 25, 2010

First Snow of the Season on My Hill

At about 11:30, when I made a run down the hill, it was overcast but the skies were clear.

A couple hours later, however, some white stuff was fallling from the sky.

At this point, just short of 4 p.m., still melting about as fast as it falls, but at least you can tell there's been snow.

Slowed down the shutter to capture the tiny flakes, so not quite as impressive as it appears, but "Hello, First Snow!"