Sunday, July 27, 2008

Random Flowers Between Raindrops

Clouds over the mountains... You know, I think I've found the silver lining to this rain stuff. If there is termination dust up there on the top of that mountain, I can't see. If I can't see, it doesn't exist. Right?
My flowers are taking a bit of a beating from some big raindrops but they're hanging tough.
Columbines are one of my favorites. They always look like they're somehow swimming in the air, don't they?
Rainy day have taken a toll on the front flower bed, with stems once verticle now closing in on horizontal. Front left is where the "pretty yellow flower" used to live before getting beaten to death by giant raindrops. Yeah, I know. I need to weed but, dang it, it's wet out there!
Somehow I couldn't bring myself to murder these while I was mowing until I'd at least come in and gotten the camera to snap a photo or two.
This is the smallest one, lower right in the photo above.
Hmm, where did these come from? Back to the flower book. There have never been flowers where these are, right along the east side of the deck, but they look like they're going to be quite lovely. Big tall plant, tiny flowers. Okay, where the heck did I put that flower book. Why does it keep hiding from me?
Another casualty of the rains, I'm afraid.
On the other hand, the good news is that the fireweed isn't to the top of the stalk yet. I love fireweed and have to admit, I was psyched to see some pop up in the backyard this year. Maybe all those wild flower seeds I tossed out last year really weren't a waste. So, where's my lupine and forget-me-nots?
Fireweed, close up. To give those not familiar with it an idea of how tall it gets, these lovelies were about eye level with me and I'm not exactly short!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Hatcher Pass With Betty

We started off checking out some flowers.

We're just starting in, at the little turn out on the Little Su as Betty poses for me.
Somehow it isn't at all comforting to know that you're standing right on top of the mega big earthquake fault when you're on this deck sticking out over the Little Su, but it sure is pretty there.
Taken from the rocky area near the bridge.
Mary, right, on the bridge over the Little Su
Powerful! The power of the Little Su is impressive but in the winter it's a solid sheet of ice. Well, sorta. Sometimes there are big holes and you can see the water still charging along below the ice.
Fortunately we paid attention when some folks were all pulled over pointing and taking pix. Mama moose and calf.

Guessing they were tired of us all pointing at 'em cos they were moving away here.
We're in the parking area near the Motherlode Restaurant. That's the road we'd take up to the Independence Mine area. It goes up, up, up...
Nope, no clue why I took this shot other than the fact that I could. Let's just say it's the view from the potty area. Ha
Anyone need some fog, or in this case, clouds?

Another "because I could" photo. I love the "texture" of the grass and trees.

I took about six shots of this to get the flag just right so you could see most of the stars clearly. I love our state flag.

Entertainment was provided by our feathered friends as we walked from the parking area to the Lodge for lunch.
Looking out the back window of the Lodge. The little cabin straddles a little creek.
Posing for me at the mine, Betty realizes she should have listened when I told her to bring a few more warm clothes! Someone's cool bike!

Closely look sorta right center. That's where the Lodge we had lunch is and the cloudy area is the Mat-Su Valley way below us.
Inside the gift shop, a photo of the mine manager's family at dinner about where I was standing to take this photo.
Somehow I've missed seeing this one in all the times I've been there. Duh. For weighing all the gold.
Feathered friends abounded.
Basically, this is pretty much your first view of Independence Mine.

Closely look for the rope going down the hill sorta center. I took several shots of this cos it was the rope we held to come DOWN this steep slope when we did a sorta behind the scenes tour of the mine area. I believe I now have shots of it from about every available angle in order to remind myself that I'm not always a total wuss.

Walking across a little bridge, the power of the water is apparent even here as it flows down the hill.
I'm not sure what the heck this is, but it was cool.
Another "not sure what this is," but seemed to be some sort of a press.
Looking up the hill toward the top where there is an entrance into the hillside and mine.

Anyone able to figure out that the water fascinated me?
Cloudy day, huh? There really is a mountain behind all those clouds.

One of the ol' safes that used to hold the gold!
Normally I have to have one artsy moment and this was it. Out a window....
Looking out over Mat-Su Valley. The white area sorta left center is a glacier.

Backside of the gift shop, once home to the mine's manager. I wish I could find it, but the ADN mentioned in a story that it's supposedly got a ghost. Alas, it didn't come out to visit.
Surprise, surprise, I don't know what this is -- I'm thinking maybe pussy willow? -- but it's cool.
Stopping at an overlook long enough for Betty and I to snap some shots, I grabbed this photo of this. Sorry if it's a weed, Mary! Mary just loves my photos of weeds -- NOT!
Ptarmigan crossing the road
Sunshine was trying to peek through on this last snap down into the Valley. Good friends, good food, good company, and a good time was had by all.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Rainy Days and Monday

Even my little cache has flowers!
Soft focus magic with my trollius, aka Globe Flower
Columbines seem to be enjoying hiding in the ribbon grass this year
Bachelor's Buttons, which got flattened by a hard, for Alaska, rain recently but rebounded.
Outside my front door