Saturday, January 26, 2008

Winter Blast

I always get a kick outta the array of snow that piles up on top of the tree stumps out just beyond the deck.
I'm not sure it'd even stopped snowing at this point, but you just know I had to go out there and use the cool little shovel blower to clear at least a path across the deck for the dogs. Foxy's already lobbying Mary to take her to Arizona for the duration of winter, so have to do what I can to keep the Sheltie happy!

Ten inches....
...located just outside the sliding glass door to the deck, fronting Hazy's unused (fortunately) dog house.

Looking sorta SE across the yard toward the barn.
After the worst of the snow, Betty's spruce tree shows off it's white outfit of snowflakes.
This one was taken today, looking across the yard from the garage door. As you can see, I should be out there doing a better job of snow-blowing, sigh.
The spruce that sits directly in front of the living room window got a white coat, too, tho' most of it has blown away with today's winds at this point.
Self-portrait? Bored in white?
The dangling icicles always amuse me. I was thinking this one reminded me of a dog when I took it, but looking at the "tail" better now, I'm thinking "ice horse". Yeah, I know. I entertain easily.

What a difference a day makes

Betty's spruce tree yesterday, clocked in white
A day later, after some strong winds, Betty's spruce is snowless
Driveway from the garage door yesterday morning, about 8-9" of snow waiting on me to get out there with the snow blower.
Driveway today, post-snow blower activity.

Friday, January 25, 2008

8" of snow overnight!!!

Measured right in front of the garage door opening.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Ice, Ice Baby...It's Cold Out there! Set 1 of 2

Not much sun at this point, alas, but interesting shadows and crystals of ice on the trees.
Right outside my gate, a sculpture in snow and ice.
Looks cold, doesn't it? Maybe cos it was?
There's just allot going on in this photo, taken of some shrubs as I was heading down the hill.
White on green
Taken on the north side of Wasilla Lake
Cheated a bit with the contrast, but wanted to show off the icy coating.
Currently, this is the wallpaper on my laptop.

Ice, Ice Baby...It's Cold Out there! Set 2 of 2

All these were taken at Wasilla Lake, which will probably be pretty obvious from the sign below. Cold and crisp, very crisp, the snow crunching underfoot and weeds that would break rather than bend in the cold. I love the vastness of the sky in this first one. As big as the mountains are, dwarfing us mere humans, it dwarfs the mountains! Just a constant reminder of our place in the grand scheme of things, I guess.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Sunset Jan. 2nd

Approximately 3:30 PM as it begins to build.

Around 3:30, it was beginning to get good.

Just a few minutes more and it's looking even more impressive.