Thursday, May 29, 2008

While we're talking about bathrooms...

Hey, it even comes with duct tape! No, I have no clue why one was taped shut. Heck, I have no clue why there were two thrones in one room. For you and a very close friend? In any case, there are just some things you nod at and accept, you know, and toilets duct taped shut is one of 'em.
Pat Schue took this one in Talkeetna. I have a color version somewhere but this was the only one I could find quickly since it's in my photo stash to use in the book.
Hey, this one's even sorta Iditarod related! Kathy demos the "door" on the toilet stall in Fat Freddie's in Nome. As you'll note, the curtain wasn't as wide as the door, making you feel the need to take friends along to guard "open spaces" when you had to go. Not sure if this is one of my shots or maybe Jody's?
Bonnie Foster had ample time to check out the facilities and take photos of 'em for us while they were weathered in at Rainy Pass.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mugwump - Mile 49 Cafe

Sometime ago, some friends and I were getting nostalgic about the bathroom decor at the now defunct Mile 49 Cafe. What can I say? We talk about strange things up here sometimes. In any case, I finally found the photos I took of, first, the "warning" about Mugwumps and, below, the Mugwump himself gazing lovelorn through a virtual window. Ah, yes, life in Alaska. Never a dull moment, even when you go to the bathroom!
Part of the saga is that he only smiles when he's found his true love, so, uh-oh, you're in trouble now!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Clouds and Birds

Unfortunately I never quite managed to catch up to these guys to get 'em in focus, but still fun to watch the series in this first three photos. Sadly, as much fun as it was to watch 'em dart and weave through the sky, the reality is that most likely the raven had robbed the magpie's nest and it was desperately trying to get revenge or at the very least chase it off.

Focus wasn't the problem here. This is what it looked like, so my inability to focus or not focus had nothing to do with the scenics. Ha
One of the Borden's views here out their front window.

Looking across Lake Lucille as rain clouds seem to be trying to move in.

I think this is a tern.
So, if the photo above is a tern, that would make the title of this one, "Three Terns".

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Monday, May 12, 2008

Whitecaps on Wasilla Lake & Random Shots of SPRING!!!

Betty's spruce playing "me and my shadow"
Mountains a bit hard to see, huh? Wasilla Lake was really about this dark of a blue, too, and the wind was fierce.
Closer look at the white caps, with the haze covering the mountains.

Overhead, coming....

Overhead, going.....
Idita-Park view
Mountains were like this view-wise in about every direction.
Straight out my backdoor view.
New growth on the trees and a glorious blue sky.... hard to go wrong, huh?
Standing on my deck looking across the roof. The view of the spruce that stands in front of the house as seen from the rear iew.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Friday, May 09, 2008

First Flower of the Season -- Update!

Thanks to Donna who came up with the info! It's a squill, a rather odd name for such a pretty little flower, but now my first flower of the season has a name!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

First Flower of the Season

Sniffing out the first flower of spring? Oh, who am I kidding. Foxy was actually in search of any bread crumbs the birds might have missed.

Introducing, the first flower of the season in my flower bed! Does it come as any surprise to you that I have no clue what it is? Drop me an email if you think you know, tho' I'm working on it. The next one was taken a bit later in the day. Stands about 2.5" high max. The leaves aren't two toned, that's just the shadows.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Musk Ox Farm

Visited the Musk Ox Farm yesterday and got a quick tour of the fields, so to speak. These are some of the yearlings, born last year.
When they're born, they stand about as high as your knee, so this is their growth in a year.
Would you argue with this face?
Gorgeous day, too, tho' the wind was cold!
Heading back inside to warm up!