Sunday, November 28, 2010

Snow Trees

Despite the beautiful blue sky behind the spruce tree that towers over the front of my house, tomorrow's forecast is for cold and wind. Since I figured the trees would be missing their snow covering by then, I grabbed my winter gear and headed out with the camera to focus on them for awhile, as opposed to my usual mountain fixation.

I did take the time, tho', to bop around my own yard, here looking out toward the back pasture and wondering why the sunshine wasn't making it's way out front yet.

This one and the next were taken down at the bottom of the hill, in the parking lot for the bike repair shop.

Oops, have this one outta order cos it was from my yard, looking up at the snow laden branches above me.

Back to the bike parking lot, looking across the street toward Idita-Park for this one and the next. They're both taken right alongside Nelson.

Wasilla Lake
Hmm, someone braved the ice, anyway, atop Wasilla Lake.

Onward to Home Depot's parking lot and some nice views.
As you can probably tell, this one is overlooking Parks Hwy. and Fred Meyers. The flat, white area to the rear is Wasilla Lake, now coated with snow.

I loved these trees. Home Depot should put lights on them!

Looking down the hill again. That's Parks Hwy. where the truck is passing by, then a Tesoro Station behind it. The intersection with Palmer-Wasilla Hwy. is just cut off to the right, but that is P-W Hwy. running sorta left/right. The brown building to the rear of it is one side of Target, then the mountains beyond.

Just in case you're in need of a trailer, Home Depot has some for you.

Random shot out the car windshield #who knows, heading back toward Wasilla down Knik-Goose Bay Road.

A pit stop at the bank (Wells Fargo) for some cash and a shot of these lovelies alongside the drive-thru lane.

I talk about "my hill" lots. This is it as seen from the Wells Fargo back parking lot. I'm at the top, behind those trees a bit. Borden's condo along the bottom of the pix.

Wonderland Park

Pretty view down Nelson as I pull outta the parking lot where the last shot was taken. That big white thing is a snow-covered rock, not just a clump of snow.

I had the thought as I was heading home that I'm not sure I've shared the "going home" view of Lone Cub, just the "heading down the hill" shot (such as in the last entry), so here you go, Lone Cub as I head up the hill toward home. As you can see, we have the winter wonderland thing going on in our neighborhood.

I also have some ice going on. Okay, true, it isn't a tree, but it's overlooking the backyard where there are lots of trees, so it fits today's theme of trees....sorta. Ha
See, trees! Snow trees!

Across the backyard and into the still sunny back pasture.
I was just playing with the sun on the trees/snow reflection here. The days are already so short that the sun stays low in the sky, so while it makes driving a challenge at times, it does create some interesting effects.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Palmer Jaunt

I seem to be living in a Christmas card again right now. This view is looking north from just below the end of my driveway.

The view down Lone Cub.

A bit closer look. I was using the Olympus camera and it's slower to recycle than the Canon, but worked to my advantage here with this nice close up.

Loved the church spire against the sky with the mountains as a backdrop. It's across from Colony High School.

Gee, can you guess where this one was taken?

Rosemary told me once that I needed to remember to take pix of the "real world" here in Alaska occasionally, too, so here's "Real World, Palmer, Trash Day". Taken from the Fred's gas station over there. Gave me a chuckle.
On the way home, having just turned off Palmer-Wasilla Hwy. onto Seward Meridian. Looking north at the Talkeetna Mts.

Just pretty snow pix taken out along Bogart.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Snow

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday it was raining, raining, raining. Temp near 40F

Today it's been snowing, temp about 33F

Yesterday, one persistant strip of snow clinging to the deck.

Today....back to its white covering.