Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Moose Alert!

What's a blog without a little moose butt?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Icicles and Snow

First, a reminder. Get out and vote! I voted Monday and am displaying my "I voted today" sticker with pride.
I not only have icicles, I have icicles growing parallel to the deck.

Weirdness, true, but kinda cool nevertheless.

Zooming in on the array of iciles out back, I love how they sorta knot themselves up and form delicate patterns at the same time.

Should I ever run outta snow to take photos of, I have a red snowflake hanging in the spruce tree outside the front window.

Something tells me I won't be lacking snow to shoot for awhile, tho'.

These are hanging along the front of the house, looking amazingly fragile and complicated.

Remember when we were kids and drew icicles. Mine never had the amazing variety and even "arty" designs of the real thing.

Showing both the snow and icicles, one last glimpse out the back door for now.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Some Fog, Some Sunshine, and More Snow

Betty's Spruce is enjoying a snow-free day but note that it's quite foggy much beyond it.
Looking north, away from the spruce, it's pretty darn foggy in the front yard and toward the Talkeetnas, too.
Yet, a day later....
Looking down on Wasilla from the end of Holiday Drive
I'm down in Idita-Park. Nice Christmas tree but notice anything missing, like the huge mountains that you would normally be able to see behind them. A bit foggy, huh?
Camelot, Alaska style? A kids play area in Idita-Park.
Looking toward the Talkeetnas from off Seward-Meridian.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Snowy Day in October

Briefly, Foxy had a moment of enjoying playing snow dog. The white specks are snow, btw.

Bordering the fence, the reds are getting covered by the whites. You can barely see the Talkeetnas in the distance, if at all. Foxy was still playing snow dog and, in fact, decided it'd be a good time to go visit the neighbors, so I was glad I'd put on my boots instead of just sneakers to hurry and snag her.

However, you'll notice which of us was smart enough to be the first to head to the relative warmth and dryness of the garage?
A couple days ago....

A couple days ago, one remaining flower
Snowflakes on the same flower
Betty's spruce tree and a few more shots below.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

More snow pix

Bill and Brenda Borden are in town and Brenda's armed with her camera but she's on dial-up, so way too tedious to share pix right now. We thought you'd enjoy the look of their truck in the snow, tho'.

First Snow, Oct. 7th

Actually, I'm sorta lying as we had a few flakes earlier, but this is the first snow to "show", so to speak. My backyard from the backdoor. Looks like about 5-6" as I took this.
If you look straight out my back door, you'll see this spruce, now wearing white.
Covered in snow, the tub house, aka the little cabin that houses the hot tub.
Between the spruce straight out the backdoor and the deck are these stumps, which provide me with endless entertainment in the winter as they sport their white garb. Only problem is, there's a door mat on the big one on the right that I didn't think to bring in from airing yesterday! I guess I'll find it, oh, next April?

Looking way up at the top of the now relatively leaf-less trees in the pasture, it looks like someone dumped a box of cotton balls on 'em.

Looking out front, my little cache guards the well.
Betty's spruce was garbed in spruce leaves yesterday. Today it's snow.

Full view of your spruce tree, Betty.

Driveway? What driveway? The snow plow just raced past, so if I'd waited you'd maybe be able to see the snow berm now at the end of the driveway. Ha
Front-yard from the general area of the end of the little walkway from the front door. I didn't have my snow boots on, so I was sticking close to the side of the house.
Checking out the spruce right outside the front door, nice clumps of snow.