Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Little Red Wagon

For more on this way cool, unique vehicle, see this YouTube clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTnHIUNBjJc

How very, very cool is this? I'd read about it in the newspaper and seen video clips but this was my first live sighting of the car. The YouTube video linked above tells the story of its creation.
According to the video, the steering wheel is actually made from the wheel of a real Radio Flyer. 
The handle sticks up eight feet!

Friday, August 05, 2011


There was some chatter on both Facebook and Twitter today that termination dust, ie the first snows of the season as seen on the mountain peaks, was already being seen on the mountains here and there. I meandered out to the road to take a look up toward the Talkeetnas (too many tree leaves to see 'em from the house in the summer) and didn't see anything. Not that I'm complaining. Love this place and do delight in the beauty of our winters but, well, love the summers better.

The fireweed alongside the road seems to agree with me, not yet having bloomed to the top. According to lore, when the last buds have bloomed at the top, it's the end of summer here.

This one was out behind the house, near the barn. I think the rains we've been having must have done a number on it cos it was sagging down but, please note, still reaching for the skies.  You go, little fireweed!

This one's out front and I have no clue what it is but there's more of it this year than last, so guess it's moving in.

Even a few of the Columbines are hanging in there.  Go figure tho', this is one of the ones growing in the cracks of the front sidewalk.  Right up next to the garage wall.

And I'm betting the birds are glad to see the berries.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Visiting Joe Sr.

 For some reason the Coke machine just jumps out at me, but liked this view otherwise. I hustled over to HQ today to recapture an angle/shot of the Joe Redington Sr. statue that has gone missing with the crash and death of my ol' external drive. Need it to recreate the original document for Backstage iditarod. The statue always captures my mind, tho', even in passing, and, no surprise, camera lens.

 All those who helped finance the erection of this statue. It remains one of my regrets that I didn't discover the Iditarod soon enough to get to meet Joe Redington Sr. in person.

 This view gave me a smile as I noticed that Feets' tail is surely wagging.

 View from the driveway, Joe's arm about Feets.

A bit dark as the clouds were rolling in, but probably my favorite shot of the day. As many times as I've seen this statue and photographed it, the incredible detail in it always impresses me.