Monday, January 30, 2012

A quick, cold Sunday jaunt

 Actually, all things considered, like how cold it's been recently, it wasn't that cold. Maybe zero. Who'd have ever thought the day would come when I'd be considering zero "not that cold"? In any case, the view out the garage window as I was getting in the car. That crack in the window has been there since I bought the place but there is insulating plastic over the window itself.

 Hello, Pioneer Peak.

 From Idita-Park

 After a quick stop for the above photos, headed toward the bank. Honest, it's there somewhere behind this massive snow pile. There are normally parking spaces here but they've long since been covered by the white stuff.

  Couldn't resist one more stop at Idita-park and the raven rewarded me by flying by just as I was composing this shot.

 Next stop, dropping off some books due soon at the library. Across the parking lot, this is the scene on the side of the Page Museum.

 Old Wasilla Townsite

 Snow seems to be accumulating on the steps of the Old Post Office. Bet you can guess that they're not open to visitors during the winter, huh, tho' looks like the ramp to the right of the building may be the main entrance.

 Wasilla Lake

 Oh, goodie, more monster snow piles. This one is the the right as you enter the drive-thru for McDonalds. With me in the car and it backed by the Talkeetnas, almost looks like a mountain itself, huh?

Wow, a two-tailed raven?  Nah, just two of 'em, tho' didn't have the zoom lens when I needed it, so never got a good shot of them.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Moose x2


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jaunt to Eagle River and Back

 No real captions needed as this entry is simply of the scenery passed on the way to, through, and back home from Eagle River. Unlike Wasilla, the wind hasn't blown away its "snow tree"  look, so I was loving it.  First shot, tho, is on Parks, heading east toward Glenn.

 Now we're on Glenn Hwy., so enjoy the ride along with us.

 Well, I won't mention names but this pile of snow contains what is the vehicle of a certain retired, unretired, now retired again musher's vehicle.

 Believe it or not, Wasilla Lake is behind that wall of snow.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Another moose visitor

I'm sure by now that anyone visiting here has heard the story of Willow's George Murphy, who is known to many around here as an IAF pilot, too, was attacked by a moose the other day.  His wife's efforts to save him, not to mention their dog, has made national and probably international news. Here's a link I hadn't read yet:

So, in any case, my usual delight wasn't as evident when another moose made a pit stop in my yard today.  I did snap some photos but all through the windows which, given the timing, were reflecting the sun's glare, so not the best.  But, for anyone seeking a moose fix, here you go.

 It's actually leaving the front of the house here, but tossed this one up first to show how very close it was to the house. In fact, it brushed against it at one point in its efforts to stay out of the deep snow.

 It was helping me prune a bush at the corner of the house.

 Looking at this one, I'm thinking it's the same one that visited not too long ago.

 It's face was mostly glared out by the sun, so went for the cute, hairy hump.  Okay, so I entertain easily.

 It's headed around the house here to check out the vegetation on the north side of the house.  No windows in the north wall, alas, so not sure what it was finding to its liking there or how much it ate.  To be honest, as long as it doesn't trample the dogs, me, or someone in the area, it can eat anything on my property it wants.

 This is the shot I took right after the first head shot of it right in front of the living room window and my camera.  I was expecting it to veer out sooner to go around the spruce tree, hence fuzzy focus when it waited till it was practically at the tree to move away from the house.  Understandable since there's even 2+ feet of snow in that area.

 Since I'd been watching and it hadn't exited out the driveway, I kept checking out the back door.  Ah, ha, there it was. It'd meandered out to the back pasture and I spied its nose through the gate and growth there.

It never moved to where I could get any good shots today but, well, it's focus was on an empty stomach, I'm sure, so munch all you want out there moosie, just stay out of my back yard, okay.  The whole back pasture is free game, tho, so eat out there to your heart's content.