Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"Becoming Alaskan" -- New Book

"Becoming Alaskan" is nearing release. My thanks to Jan DeNapoli for not only putting the cover together for me but the use of her "Snow Moose" for the front cover. Susan Stevenson, who moved here (okay, Fairbanks) from Florida not long before I did, provided the back cover shot of the Big Dipper against the Northern Lights. Click on the photo for a larger version.

As I type, I'm hoping to send this to the printer by this weekend, meaning I should have at least advance copies available by mid-October. As with "Backstage Iditarod" (and I keep typing "Backstage Alaskan" when I'm typing, showing how much my brain is on auto-pilot), it'll be available on Amazon.com, ISBN 978-0-9795828-0-6, tho' my hunch would be not to look for it there until the end of the month since it takes some time to get in the system. Basic info, 200 pages and about 132 photos, depending on whether I add or delete a couple while doing last minutes tweaking. Cost $19.95

Here's the back cover blurb in case you can't read it, with a nod to Jacqi for her help on this:

"Imagine your best friend just moved to Alaska and has invited you to visit. She throws a log on the fire, pours you a glass of wine, and you each grab a corner of the couth. She then proceeds to tell you about her new life in Wasilla, Alaska. If you live in the North, her tales may have a familiar ring to them, but how about if you’re a Southerner, more at home barefooted and strolling the beach than clad in mukluks and tromping through snow?

Price’s “Southern Breezes” meets “Northern Exposure” experiences are sometimes comical, often serious, and reveal a strange mix of bewitched and bewildered as she tackles her new environment where the moose roam free. Grab that glass of wine, put another log on the fire and curl up with this wonderful account of Becoming Alaskan and trading flip flops and the crash of waves on the sand for mukluks and the sound of snow crashing off the roof."

"Hobbit Tree"

Serendipty, that's what it was. I headed out to Wasilla Lake and somehow found myself driving out to Hatcher Pass yesterday. When I was there last, some folks dubbed a tree I snapped by the Little Su a "Hobbit Tree". I got a better picture of Mr. Tree this time and, yep, I think they're right. We've got a Hobbit Tree right here. Do you see the eyes, nose and maybe even a moustache about the mouth?
Hobbit Tree from a bit further away. Keep scrolling after this entry for a bunch of what may be my last "fall" photos of Hatcher Pass and probably a few more entries that I've neglected to mention.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fall's Last Gasp?

Driveway full of leaves

Flowers were still hanging in there in the library flower beds.

Obama/Anti-Palin Rally

I'm not by nature a very political animal but figured I'd be remiss to not document one of the events going on in Wasilla in relationship to the historic choice of Sarah Palin to be the Republican Vice Presidential candidate. While this might be considered more of a pro-Obama/Democratic rally than anti-Palin gathering, it's clear that residents of Wasilla do not all agree that Sarah was an inspired choice as vice-president. TrooperGate was also on a lot of minds, which is reflected in the signs. This gathering took place alongside Parks Highway on the grassy area between the highway and parking area for Wasilla Lake.