Tuesday, May 15, 2007

"Give Moose a Brake!"

That's the slogan on signs that line not just the Glenn Highway, but pop up along many of the corridors of Alaska. With good reason. You're putting along one moment, then the next thing you know, you're slamming on the breaks and watching a moose crossing the road right in front of you. Happened to me yesterday on the way back from Eagle River. Fortunately, I was leisurely cruising along, giving some serious thought to exiting at the next exit, Eklutna, so wasn't flying low. Next thing I know, poof, I see a big ol' moose bursting outta the brush to my right, heading straight across the road in front of me.

You know how you just react and don't really think about it. Somehow, I'm slamming on the brakes, heading for the side of the road, and checking my rear view mirror to make sure I'm not about to get slammed into from behind while I'm doing all this. Fortunately, only one other car close at that point and they obviously saw the moose, too, or were confused enough at my actions to decide to slow down, too.

Good thing, cos while all this took just seconds, as mama heads across the road at a trot, I realize that she's got her baby with her and it's closing in on the road, too. Mama looked agitated (bear?) but baby just seemed confused and balked at the edge of the road. Mama got to the median, saw it wasn't behind her, and spun around and recrossed the two lanes of northbound Glenn Hwy.

Somewhere along the line during all this and recognizing that there was traffic coming from behind us, I had the thought, "Hey, Einstein! The camera's on the car seat beside you. You should take a picture."

Duh, did, slowly moving forward as mama and then baby began to trot along the side of the road. I still wasn't quite sure how safe it was and didn't want to be added to that "Give Moose a Brake" sign total for moose collisions, but about that time 2-3 big SUV's just go flying past me and the now two cars crawling along behind me. That was scary, cos had the moose made a left, they'd have been on the road again in a heartbeat. Fortunately, all was well at that point and as the left lane cleared, I moved over into it and cautiously passed myself, as did the two cars behind me. Even better, didn't hear anything about any unwanted moose encounters by vehicles on the news, so hopefully this story had a happy ending.

And that was my Monday Adventure.

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