Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hatcher Pass, Part 3

Helen and I braved the short entrance to the mine shaft (see the stop sign), thoroughly enjoying the coolness within. A HUGE difference in the temp in there and outside.

This is the end of the tracks that lead out onto the trestle as seen from the hilltop.

At this point, I'm more or less atop the area where I took Helen's photo above.

This is the side view of the trestle shown above.

Little did I know I was not only going to wind up "climbing a mountain," but even scarier, going down one, too. That's Helen in front of me, above, Donna and Mary a part of the tiny group sorta left lower center. That's where the fun started. See the cable stretched down the hill here?

I'm obviously a rotten photographer cos this photo does not show the steepness of the drop, but I was definitely not taking pictures coming down. Instead, I was hanging onto that cable for dear life and using my right hand to balance.

Looking the other way, I was whining that we weren't all the way down even then!

Finally back on something resembling flatness, I turned my attention to the water over the rocks once again. This place is just full of such great sights.

See what I mean?

Taken out the window of Donna's Honda as we headed down, down, down and back toward home again. I love this place!

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