Saturday, February 16, 2008

Snowy Snow Blower

Sometimes it seems like moving around snow is a never-ending chore. This is what it looks like when the chore is done, in this case moving 5" of fluffy snow that came down overnight.
Keeping the side gate available in case of emergency is a real struggle, especially when it's windy and the snow blows and drifts. The snow blower can't even budge the snow behind the gate right now. Sigh.
Somewhere under all that white stuff, there's a red snow blower. Take a good look and then imagine me covered with just about as much snow, too.
Blowing snow on glasses isn't fun, so I keep this pair of goggles handy. I'd already abandoned them, but this was the look they had going for 'em by the time I finished the other day.

Honest, the front chute is red, while the taller, blower chute, so to speak, is all black. Hard to tell under all that windblown snow, huh?

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