Friday, March 07, 2008

Warm temps, then toss in some rain and you get...

Alaska skies, gotta love 'em. Not quite so pretty down below 'em, however.

Standing water around the little cache in the front yard. Some of it is icy, some just plain ol' water puddles.
Amazing. Only a couple days ago, my driveway was almost a solid sheet of ice.
Longer view of the front yard from the garage door.
Mountains couldn't make up their mind whether to come out and visit or...

....disappear into the clouds.
One of those days where it was tough to decide where the mountains ended and the sky began.
Breakup seems to be trying really, really hard to come to Idita-Park, which is at the foot of my hill.
Just in case you can't tell, the rocks and trees are sitting in a mini-lake of ice melt.
Looking down the road in the general direction of Borden's condo, a ditch of water stands where snow machines ran only a few days ago.

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