Saturday, June 14, 2008

Wasilla's McDonalds, Alaska Style

Although I'm unsure if our Wasilla McDonad's is truly unique in its offering of Alaska decor within, I like it. There's actually a sled displayed behind the space where you line up to give your order, which I didn't think to get a photo of cos I've seen it so often, bu it also has some quite Alaskan wall decor.
This one is actually new to me, tho' gotta admit I'm a "drive-thru" kinda gal, so it could have been here for a long time. Still, even with some odd reflections, a cool piece of artwork.
Native Art
This guy is pretty big, a good 3' or maybe even more across.
Usually I like to eat back in a side area. Is it any wonder why?
Even the light fixtures back in that area are Alaskana!

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Christian said...

That's great June. Here in our railroad town - our McDonalds has old photos displayed of the local heritage, railroad, snow, etc...They're great! Just about the only thing I like about McDonalds is that they sometimes decorate for the local community! :-)