Thursday, February 25, 2010

The predicted snow arrives

The forecast last night was for snow and they were right. The white "spots" are some of the huge flakes that were falling much of the day. I'm just hoping that most of it falls on Willow and points on out the Iditarod Trail because they're the ones who really want and need this stuff. I've got to admit, shhh, that I was sorta enjoying breakup, tho' newly fallen snow has a beauty all of its own, too.

The view out the backdoor.

The view across the front yard taken from the open garage door.

Although it wasn't snowing that hard when I had to head out briefly, it had been snowing enough to show and we were sorta shrouded in a snow mist.

Betty's spruce tree, snapped as I pulled out of the driveway just before nine o'clock this morning. I'd had rather stayed home and my hunch proved me right as the roads were quite slick and saw several folks fish-tailing here and there.

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Pam V said...

Very pretty, June! But like you, I'm wishing the big snow falls a little west of you, in Willow. Hope the Jr. gets a good start!