Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Flowers of Early July

All the flowers shown here today are from my own frontyard.

It always amuses me that tho' I had trouble growing dandelions in Florida, stuff grows everywhere here with very little assistance from me, including in the cracks of the front sidewalk.

This one is in the little circle cache flower bed in the middle of the front yard. I love Columbines, especially that they're so dang interesting looking during all phases of their blooming.

The fireweed is here, too. This one is along the back fence in the backyard.

Right beside of the above fireweed, mixed in with mostly green right now, a few lovely splotches of white.

An ol' bit of lore says that when the fireweed reaches the top, only six more weeks of summer, so I'm glad to see mine has lots of time to go yet.

The batchelor buttons are really flourishing this year.... well, except where someone's dog chose to nap in the middle of them one night.

And I'm really getting used to the incredible aroma and look of my own personal field of clover, aka the front yard.

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