Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A relaxed kinda Memorial Day

Even the dragonflies were checking out the view on the deck!

Hmm, glacier dust anyone? Sigh.

Dixon was doing his sun-dog impersonation.

Not a bad view for lunch, huh?

Flowers are beginning to burst out.

Squirrely dropped in for a snack, too.

Apple blossoms! Did you know apple trees grow in Alaska? I didn't until relatively recently.

More pretties....

Wild roses, which grow everywhere! Love it!

Oh, I know what this one is! Must be cousins to my globe flowers in my front yard. Love these "pretty yellow flowers".

Spoon-flower, getting a nice start.

And, finally, made a stop at Aurora Cemetery here in Wasilla on the way home. This simple, stark photo kinda reminds me what it's all about.

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