Saturday, July 09, 2011

Sunshine on my shoulder....

Rose Barlow Columbine

The day started out sorta overcast and dreary, so it was a delight to have the sun push through mid-afternoon and shine on not just my shoulder as I wandered through the yard, but lots of "pretties". After last summer, which was largely dreary and cold, we've learned to appreciate this sorta day.

Clover, which makes the front yard smell absolutely divine.

These are in the back yard fighting for space with the fireweed, which seems on a mission this year to take over the back yard....heck, the whole yard. Of course, sucker that I am, my mowing chore is kinda getting smaller and smaller every year as I tend to mow around the pretty stuff, like fireweed, so the border just sorta creeps inward.

I remember looking up this one last year but for the life of me can't remember its name. Oh, well, it's interesting.

Part of the fireweed army, tho' most of it hasn't even started to bloom yet.

I'm told this may be a tamarak tree. It's the one that provides most of the cones that I take pix of over the seasons.

Some globe flowers, aka "pretty yellow flowers" are still hanging in there tough and sharing space with the bachelor buttons which may be in competition with the fireweed for the yard next year at the rate they're going.

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