Thursday, August 04, 2011

Visiting Joe Sr.

 For some reason the Coke machine just jumps out at me, but liked this view otherwise. I hustled over to HQ today to recapture an angle/shot of the Joe Redington Sr. statue that has gone missing with the crash and death of my ol' external drive. Need it to recreate the original document for Backstage iditarod. The statue always captures my mind, tho', even in passing, and, no surprise, camera lens.

 All those who helped finance the erection of this statue. It remains one of my regrets that I didn't discover the Iditarod soon enough to get to meet Joe Redington Sr. in person.

 This view gave me a smile as I noticed that Feets' tail is surely wagging.

 View from the driveway, Joe's arm about Feets.

A bit dark as the clouds were rolling in, but probably my favorite shot of the day. As many times as I've seen this statue and photographed it, the incredible detail in it always impresses me.

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Barnstormer said...

Beautiful photos. The detail is amazing. So captures the love between the two.