Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Blue Sky Day (Lake Lucille)

 I have no clue what this is but I want some in my flower bed one of these days.
 Hey, is that Russia over there?
 Yep, definitely Russia. I did my best friendly wave, my bit for Russia-US relations.
 The reflections weren't quite what I'd hoped for, bad timing on my part and just enough breeze that the lake surface was sorta rippled, but still just plain gorgeous.
 I'm not quite sure what the little wishing well camoflauges, maybe a water pipe?
 Was loving the clouds in the sky as they reflected in the lake.
 Taken from inside the little gazebo pictured earlier.
 Snapped this on the way out of the Best Western parking lot. They always have a lovely flower display in the summer.
Not at Lake Lucille. Taken as I was working my way up Main Street toward the library. Didn't see it in time for a good shot and couldn't stop and block traffic, but still cool to see.

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