Saturday, November 09, 2013

A bit more snow appears

 Earlier this week, this was as "frozen" as it got. Pizza Hut parking lot, btw.
 Looking thru the brush alongside the above ice puddle, a pretty sky but the mountains appeared to be sorta fuzzy focused. Or, maybe it was my eyes?
 Still in the Pizza Hut parking lot, looking down on the lake and over to the park.
 Not the greatest shot but this was the sunrise that greeted me this morning when I let the dog out. The solid shape behind the roof of the barn is actually Pioneer Peak, still dark.
 Late morning, heading down the hill to do a couple quick errands. Rumor had it that snow was coming.
 I think it's only been a couple days since I was here, see pix above, but something had changed.
 There is now ice crusted along the shoreline .
 Pioneer Peak from the Wasilla Lake parking lot. Looking across the park there and Parks Hwy.
 I wonder how many gazillion shots I have of about this exact angle.
 The ravens are making their winter comeback.
 Since there was no snow when I was out, I wasn't sure where these people were going but they obviously planned to find snow somewhere.
Not snow but ice. I still don't know why but there seems to be water perpetually seeping out onto the road here, even after some lengthy road/ditch work. Once the temps fall below freezing, as they were at this point, the water freezes and leaves a bit of a slippery mess at the bottom of my hill. I guess it's about time to start getting used to using the other exit off the hill, the one I used when they were "fixing" this problem earlier this year. Sigh. BTW, tho' didn't amount to much, got a dusting of snow a couple hours after getting home.

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