Tuesday, December 24, 2013


I moved to Alaska to stay in Dec. 2003. I was probably in a bit of a fog those first couple weeks but with Christmas sneaking up on me, remember where I spent my first Christmas in Alaska: Chena Hot Springs. It was a balmy -38 degrees outside during the day and the window over my bed had a layer of ice nearly an inch thick on the inside because of the severe cold and moisture inside. So, I learned early on that I really wasn't going to freeze to death in these kinda temps, not to mention that ice forming inside windows is just one of those freaky Alaskan things. 
This was the view outside the door to the little cabin I was staying in. The steamy looking spot sorta right center is from the springs. Even now it astounds me to realize that I simply got up, got dressed, and stomped around outside in those kinda temps to take these photos. I need to see if I can find some more from this adventure but, well, not now. Christmas Eve! Merry Christmas, Everyone.

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