Friday, May 09, 2014

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood

 It's amazing to think that less than a week ago this little tree was still naked, no leaves. Now it's bursting with green against the sky.
 Another sign of spring/summer in Alaska is that the ravens tend to go missing from the popular fast food joints, being replaced by equally pushy gulls. This one perched on my car hood while I was eating an ice cream cone.
 Artsy-fartsy photo moment, the view sorta southeast and more westerly behind my car.
 I swear, it looked like someone had found some gigantic canvas backdrop and painted the mountains on it.

Came home and sat on the deck until the mosquitoes drove me inside. They don't normally, knock on wood, annoy me too much but were sure after me this time.  This is the view east off my deck in the back yard.

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