Monday, September 04, 2006

RIP Amiga

RIP, Amiga

1990 - Sept. 4, 2006

(Photo taken mid-August)

Amiga left me this morning. While there's a huge hole in my heart, had I been given the chance to orchestrate her last day, I couldn't have written a better script.

As anyone who knew her knows, she enjoyed people. Thus, her day couldn't have been happier as she had company. Donna's "Joe the Painter," who is "Joe the Deck Guy" here, was here and she had fun visiting with him and was thoroughly entertained as he pressure cleaned the deck. I watched her taking it in from all angles and would have sworn I heard a doggie belly laugh at one point as Hazy came flying out from under the deck, totally freaked out.

Later, as I joined Joe to talk over the project, Amiga snagged some of my McDonald's fries, prancing around like a young dog. She was the world's worst watch dog but would bark incessantly if she knew you, so we were getting the full "Amiga Mouth" treatement. She'd also snagged some Pepperoni stick treats, too, during a couple visits to the house for a quick nap on her doggie pillow, one she would periodically share with the Foxy or Hazel.

Later in the day, she was even chatting through the fence with the neighbor's dogs. When I called them in that evening, however, I realized she wasn't with the other two. I got her inside, but it was obvious she wasn't going to be with me much longer. I sat on the floor with her, remembering how she always liked to touch you with a paw or lean (or, okay, sit on your feet), so I was making it a point to maintain physical contact, even a touch, giving her ear rubs and just talking softly to her, even telling her at one point that, "It's okay to go, Amiga." I'm convinced Foxy and Hazel knew. Foxy, who grew up with Amiga from the time she was 10 mths old, lay quietly nearby, making no effort to interfere but quietly, soberly watching. Normally she would have been all over me, wanting ear scratches and attention. Even Hazy, normally a bundle of energy, seemed subdued, watching it all pass with those expressive eyes.

It was all quiet and amazingly peaceful. Amiga simply shut her eyes at some point and didn't wake up. Thus, she lived her final day exactly the way she lived her entire life, just enjoying what life tossed at her. I'm fully confident that when she closed her eyes for the last time, she was happy, with some ear scratches and rubs stock piled for eternity.

For Amiga's full story, click on this link.


Philip said...

So sorry to hear! I read your blog describing how you got her, and I began to realize how close you were. Anybody who doesn't understand why us "dog people" like dogs so much need only to meet dogs like Amiga, or Burt and Kena (my pups).

Janet Whitesell said...

My condolences, June. It is so sad when we lose our best friends, but Amiga lived a longer life than most. I know that your other dogs will help comfort you.