Saturday, September 30, 2006

Snow on the Mountains, Take Two

As the days grow shorter, there's a crisp coolness in the air that seems to be motivating those of us who've procrastinated to get those outdoor chores done. At the same time, it'd difficult to resist pulling out the camera and sneaking off for a view of the ever changing landscape as it presents its face to us. Taken across Wasilla Lake, this photo shows how far down the mountain the shroud of snow has crept, tho' it's partially obscured by the clouds that seem to be resting on the mountain side.

Taking a more distant look, the colors of fall still linger, made all the more vivid against the blue sky. After a summer of gray clouds and what seemed at times constant rain, we'll take it. Now, true, my yard seems to have suddenly taken on a yellow hue courtesy of the birch leaves that seem to quickly cover it no matter how dedicated I am to making rounds with the bagger, thus reviving my philosophy of, "Whatever. I'll snow soon and cover it up anyway. I'll worry about it after breakup." Ah, yes, Scarlet lives on in Alaska, too.

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