Monday, December 17, 2007

Another gorgeous sunset. part 1

Stopped at the end of the road, this is my first glimpse of the wonders being served up for us mere humans to gaze upon.
Turning left off Holiday and onto Briar, this is my view heading down the hill.
Taken near the bottom of Briar, sorta where it bends back toward Lone Cub.
Zooming in, a good view of the layers and intense colors in the sky.
Seeing the chain link fence, I know I took this one along Briar somewhere as I backtracked just a bit.
Iditarod Park, at the bottom of my hill and extending way up to front Bill and Brenda's place, was my final destination. I'm looking easterly here.
Looking back to the west, I watched the every changing patterns and intensity of color in the sky.
Looks kinda like a wave in places, I thought.
Feeling pretty safe to say that the colors are actually pretty accurate, if anything not quite as intense as reality, no lie.

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