Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Moose on the Loose

Yesterday, a couple moose dropped in for a visit. I was headed out the door to get my summer tires back on the car and figured this shot would be the one and only one I'd get. It shows a young moose out in the pasture behind the house. I knew there was another one cos I'd seen 'em coming up the driveway, just didn't get a photo then and couldn't see the second one at this point.
Surprise, surprise. Although I'd expected 'em to be gone, both were still there and visible when I got home a couple hours later after breakfast and a stop at Johnson Tires.
Funny! When I bought the house, the former owners left the tire swing they'd put up to amuse their horses. Jr. had found it and was having a grand time swinging it around with his head.
Junior was sorta butting it with his head here, making me wish I had Donna and her video camera handy, especially since I wasn't even using the Canon with its nice long lens, bad me. That's what I get for letting the battery run down all the way, huh? The Olympus was doing admirable stand-in duty, tho'.
You really can't tell from the photo, but he had the tire sorta between his face and neck, making me worry for a moment, "How does one get a moose unstuck from a tire?" I mean, who DO you call for a stuck moose?
Fortunately, when I walked out just a bit further on my deck, he pulled his nose outta the tire to see what I was up to.
For those familiar with my place, they're now over beside the barn and behind the duplex that fronts on Briar. Still in my back pasture.

Foxy came bouncing out of the house to bark at this point and you see Mama's reaction. I quickly ushered Foxy back inside, figuring the moose would be outta there before I could turn around.
Much to my surprise, they actually moved forward a bit, giving me pause at just how short that five foot fence gate looked when it was all that was between them and me. I was on the deck using the zoom, of course, but when you suddenly become the focus of two big moosies, you realize things like how much taller you wish that fence was!

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