Friday, April 25, 2008

Springtime -- NOT!!!

Cheating a bit as these aren't from today, but seemed appropriate somehow. Moose nuggets on the snow. What an artsy concept.
Yesterday's clear driveway
Betty's spruce tree yesterday
Morning brought rain and, sigh, snow.
Backyard view around nine this morning via the guest room window, which shows the lilac's efforts to bud
Afternoon and it's still snowing, but this is the total look
Backyard in white again
Covered in white again, tho' maybe the lilac bush thinks this beats the ice from an early day's photo.

Somewhere there's a driveway
Betty's spruce tree and a friend or two, now decked out once again in white.
Foxy's body language would seem to be saying, you're nuts if you think I'm going out in that stuff if I don't have to, thank you.

Obviously my dog has more common sense than I do, cos I traipsed out to take this one back toward the house. Time for the later shots, about 4:30 PM

Close-up of the white garb being sported by Betty's spruce tree right now.

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