Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Clouds and Birds

Unfortunately I never quite managed to catch up to these guys to get 'em in focus, but still fun to watch the series in this first three photos. Sadly, as much fun as it was to watch 'em dart and weave through the sky, the reality is that most likely the raven had robbed the magpie's nest and it was desperately trying to get revenge or at the very least chase it off.

Focus wasn't the problem here. This is what it looked like, so my inability to focus or not focus had nothing to do with the scenics. Ha
One of the Borden's views here out their front window.

Looking across Lake Lucille as rain clouds seem to be trying to move in.

I think this is a tern.
So, if the photo above is a tern, that would make the title of this one, "Three Terns".

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