Monday, July 20, 2009

Randomness in Wasilla

A little of this and a little of that
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An accidental snap that I quite like. Maybe cos it shows my occasionally off-kilter view of my world?

Columbine in my yard

Flowers at Windbreak, aka Trout House

Fireweed reaches for the sky.

Windbreak, I think.

I've got clover out the ying-yang this year. I like to think of this one as my Alaskan Crop Circle, tho' someone else noted it could be an Alaskan Fairy Circle, too. How cool is that?

Wasilla Lake: He must have been thirsty.

Cloudy day

I think the last three were from the Windbreak.

Not sure what this is but it's in my front yard.

Ego alert!!! Seriously, how cool is it to walk into the library and not just be able to find my book "Backstage Iditarod" on the shelf but find it shelved right beside of Gary Paulsen's "Winterdance," one of the books that started my journey to Alaska?
Fireweed outside my fence.

Flower baskets hanging in Wasilla.

Soaring free above Wasilla Lake

See the bee? I was stalking the bee.
The bee was winning.
What the....????

You sometimes run across the strangest things in unexpected places around here.
The scary thing is that I just chuckled and kept driving when I saw this, then realized I really should take a photo and had to back up.

A bit hazy, but still a lovely day at Wasilla Park.

This one seems to be in an odd place, sorta in the middle of the park at Wasilla Lake, but I must remember to come back in the winter and try for a photo of the contrast of the red against the white snow.
Taken the day of the Governor's Picnic, this side shows an excerpt from the Constitution while there's part of the Bill of Rights on the other side. It sits in Idita-Park, just down the hill a bit from me.

There, I think, were in the library flower bed.
Old cars on display at the Governor's Picnic.

I'm walking from my car to Idita-Park and snapped this as I crossed a little bridge.

I'm seriously bummed that tho' I found his car, I never did catch up to Batman at the picnic.

What can I say? We are the Duct Tape Capital of the World, after all?

I never caught up to this little red van when it was parked, but thought it was darn cute and a nice advertisement for Alaska's 50th Birthday of Statehood.
As long as I've lived here and as many times as I've been by this sign just west of KGB Road, I'd never snapped a photo of it until now. So, is it saying that Iditarod HQ is the "Sled Head-quarters"?

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