Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Thunder Rolling in the Mountains

But, first, before the thunder and lightning, a brief interlude. GG Goss came out from Anchorage to go out to Hatcher Pass with me and I took her through Aurora Cemetary to see the gravesite of Joe Redington Jr. and we snapped a few other photos, like this one. Gotta be the final resting place of a sailing addict.
Here's the Redington plot.
Across the way, this one has always appealed to me for its simplicity. Hard to see it, but there's a cute little moose atop the log.
As always, the first stop is at the Little Su.

The power and roar of the river never fails to impress me.
The first sign that this might be an interesting day in the mountains was the dark cloud hovering above the mountains that we could see from just below the MotherLode area.

Yet, look in other directions and you might get the dramatic blues or softer, less ominous looking clouds.

The mountains were sorta hazed in as it was, this being the view down toward the Mat-Su Valley.

While GG was busy taking pictures of the lovely, rushing stream, I was finding other, less scenic things to document. I'm not sure I want to know the story behind this one.

Whoa, baby, first real glimpse of the Independence Mine area. Looks a tad ominous, doesn't it? There was thunder rumbling in those mountains, too, reminding me of the phrase used for the title, "Thunder Rolling in the mountains".

Yet, go figure, look to the right and there were still blue skies, tho' the clouds were trying to shove the blue away.

The weird mix of sunlight and clouds gave the occasional interesting color effect.

It seemed to be a battle of which would win, the dark, scary clouds of the gorgeous, dramatic blue skies I've come to love. Let's just say, the blue wasn't winning as the dark clouds seemed to be circling their wagons.

This one is taken out across the way where a guy we talked to outside the gift shop had just returned from hiking. He said lightning struck near him, making a rock it struck seem to be smoking. He was still a little shook and I can't say that I blame him. Uh, okay, let me in that building!

I have absolutely no clue what direction I'm looking, but, as noted, it was odd that while you might not get the blue looking, say, left, that we could see to the right, it didn't have the scary dark clouds, either.

We never did see any lightning, which sounded like a good thing, but we were definitely receiving a concert by the gods of thunder.

GG and I weren't feeling particularly brave, the gods of thunder were winning, but we figured we'd come that far, we were going to take some photos. This one is just outside the gift shop.

Some random shots of the mine area. My theory was that if the thunder gods came after us, I was heading to an overhang.

GG points to some blue sky as we decide, you know, we can come back.

Next stop, the Hatcher Pass Lodge where we had lunch and pretended that rocks on the hillside were bears. Hey, we entertain easily.

This is one of the pieces of artwork in the lodge, an artistic rendering of the lodge area. Good food, awesome views, and a fun place to eat, but we figured we'd better head out..... and wound up getting rained on as we made our way downward. Still, a fun day and, hey, another Alaska Adventure!

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