Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Snow Comes to the Mountains...but not my yard

First, a quick shot of Betty's spruce tree, still dressed in green, not even sporting a white sparkle anywhere. I mulched the leaves in the front to the best of my "I don't have a mulching mower" ability, but you can still see a pretty thick layer on the ground to the south of the house (which is to the right) as I look back at the tree from near the pasture gate.

So, do you think I need to unbury the snow blower? Please note the green, one-wheeled fertilizer spreader front center that is totally useless now but I can't quite bring myself to throw away.

Early afternoon's view of the Talkeetnas from the end of the driveway.

View from Lucille, heading back toward town. Loved the floating mountains effect.

Uh, yeah, I'd say the mountains got some snow. This one from the Home Depot parking lot as are all those that follow.

I'm sure glad I'm not down in all that fog/cloud area and having to drive!

From the general area of the back (loading dock) area of Home Depot, looking down and across Wasilla Lake. toward the Talkeetnas.

Gotta love some of these trees. From loading area of Home Depot looking down toward Fred Meyers (center).

More of the Talkeenas across Wasilla Lake. Their more rounded appearance as opposed to the dramatic peaks and valleys of other mountains indicates their age, btw. They've been around longer than those "dramatic" peaks, long enough to have been worn down by weather and wind.

Playing with the idea of "tree as frame".

Looking back toward the general south, lots of fog, haze, and low clouds.

I followed this darn raven with the camera for five minutes and this was the best shot I got cos he was sure in the mood to dart here and there without slowing down.

More artsy "tree as frame" shots.

Oh, a really artsy moment: "Tree as frame with leaning trees".

Just a wide shot of Wasilla. That's Parks Highway sorta running across the middle of the photo, tho' hard to pick out, even now.

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SCquiltaddict said...

your home depot definitely has better views than ours...great pics on your blog