Monday, August 09, 2010

Cook Inlet Dog Show, Sunday 8-8, Part 2

Afghans looks graceful just standing still, let alone moving!

This is an Ibizan, if my spelling is right. It's an ancient breed that is similar to the Pharoah Hounds depicted in Ancient Egyptian ruins.

Can't recall the exact breed, but I think this is a deerhound of some sort. Saw it running the lure course Sat. night, as was the Ibizan above.

Here's something all dog owners can relate to, "Will work for food!"

I'm not sure this particular dog ran, but several Afghans ran the lure course on Sat. night. Absolutely gorgeous to watch in motion.

I fell in love with this guy and have scads of pix of it over the day. What a handsome guy.

I've always loved these dogs! Remember Rin-Tin-Tin?

I need to verify with Rosemary, but I think this was the dog that took Best of Show, or whatever the top award of the weekend was. Who doesn't love a Lassie dog?

This ol' girl wasn't in the show ring but I fell in love with this face as she sat with her owner near us taking it all in. Gee, can you tell I fell in love with a lot of dogs this day?

Look at the size of this guy and neither the handler nor judge beside it were short! Side view just below.

This is Marley, AK's current champion Siberian, owned by Ron Adler of Chugiak. I will note that she is also a working sled dog and Adler hopes to introduce some North Wapiti bloodlines into his kennel sometime in the near future.

This is a Portugese Water Dog like "Bo", the First Dog of the United States.

Marley again. Her handler was the daughter of the owner.

Oh, my, what a face, tho' I don't think I could deal with a dog whose hair needs more styling than my usual own mop of hair. Ha

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