Friday, August 13, 2010

Flowers in the Palmer Visitor Center Garden (and a few odds and ends)

Headed over to Palmer today with Pat Schue to check out the vendors at Friday Fling and cruise through the garden that the Palmer Visitor's Center creates and maintains every summer.

Okay, it wasn't sunny, but, dang it, it wasn't raining, either, so it was what passes as a good weather day here lately. Nevermind that it rained later in the day. Ha

Okay, I think I want one of these. I have no clue what kind of car it even is but, dang, it was cute. Smeared the license plates on purpose, btw.

The Balto statue that Butte Elem. donated that stands outside the Palmer Visitor and Information Center.

You know, maybe if the last one is supposed to represent sunshine, maybe I should have bought it and brought it home with me for "sun dances" instead of just taking a picture.

I have no clue what this mask represents but I liked it.

On the other hand, haven't we all had days where all we wanna do is stick our tongues out at the world?

If you want to see dogs, go with Pat. I swear, she is magnetic for dogs....
.....and puppies.

And on to the flowers....

There were lots of bees out today.

Isn't this just the coolest flower. I asked on Facebook what it was and discovered its scientific name but we'll just call it Pink Spoon here, its "call name", so to speak, since that's all I'm likely to remember.

As I said, lots of bees.

This one looked so good that I had to touch it to convince myself it was real!

The back side of the marque flower bed seen above.

The flower bed outside a window of the visitor's center and museum.

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