Thursday, September 02, 2010

Alaska State Fair, Palmer, 2010

It must be because I just read a bio on Steve McQueen, but the barbed wire made me think about "The Great Escape", only in this case we were wanting to be on the other side of it inside the fair.

Here's the token flower shot of the day.

Just inside the north entrance gate.

Ahhh, so cute....

The adults seemed to be having more fun with these than the kids.

I think one of each of these would get me through the winter quite nicely.

Love how each booth personalizes itself. In this case, the owners sell wooden signs of all sizes.

Pat and I were both taken with this bench, but since I can't afford it, she was the one talking to the designer/woodworker.

In the meantime, I was making sure the bench was quite comfy, it was, and getting acquainted with Boo Bear's Wooden Cousin.

Semi-artsy moment, taken of the outside of the Borealis Theater.

This one's for you, Betty. One of these years I'm going to break down and buy one of these!
The Iditarod's spot at the fair.

I'm liking next year's logo, especially on the blue.

2011 Iditarod Calendar

Never did venture too far down to where the rides were, but took a few shots from afair, I guess near the Irwin Building.

The quilt display won out over the flowers this year and even tried to sit my rear down so I'd get 'em in better focus than usual.

This guy was spinning dog hair into fabric. He had a big stash from what looked like a Sammie but, alas, I didn't sit my rear down to take that one and someone bumped me and I didn't realize it at the time, so outta focus.

But, back to the quilts.....
This is what I think they were calling a t-shirt quilt made by taking various tees and quilting them together. Pretty cool.

And just in case we need a reminder that winter is coming....

This looks like the same shot as above a couple frames but was actually the back side of that quilt. It was big, maybe king sized, more likely queen.

Lumberjack show at the Woodlot

Then we sat down to wait on the birdman show and what did I spy but an oversized bird down the way. Gasp, it's "The Duck That Ate Palmer"?

I think the guy with the spiked hair may have been helping Ducky Gigantic or, who knows, maybe he just likes orange and blue spiked hair.

Close up of Ducky, showing his real intentions.

These guys were cute. They did impressions. No lie.

I don't remember what this guy was called, but he isn't going to be in any birdie beauty contests. Note that he seems to be walking on his toes. That's normal because they come from a wet, wet climate and that's to protect their feet. This is about the one real fact I picked up before I wiggled back outta the crowd and went to sit on the bench, where I was found by Tony and Delores Waffen at one point.

But, seriously, look at that face....

We missed most of the equestrian show but, seriously, even this former horse nut girl had her priorities and it involved ice cream. Barb Redington has some awesome shots and even video of this show on Facebook if you're interested.

I really liked that they took one of the horses over to where there was a woman in a wheelchair at the end. A classy act, by a group up from Florida, I might add.
Here's their sign.
I laughed when we walked into the barn cos just like there would be for a celebrity, there was a crowd of people standing around waiting for a chance to get a picture of this 1,101 lb, record breaking pumpkin. Some folks were even posing in front of it.
FYI, the hay bales are normal sized, to give some perspective.

Just about every where you turn there is music of some kind being played.

Hula Hoop Heaven?

As an adult I've somewhat come to cringe when I see rides like this but, gotta admit, as a kid, it would have made my day to be where this one is.

I have absolutely no clue what the focus of this booth was but liked their mascot!

Alaska toys of all kinds were on display.
Let's put this ride in perspective. Imagine being strapped into a giant slingshot that is probably more than three stories high, then launched into the air at the end of the giant rubberband to which you're attached.

Up, up, you go....while most of us on the ground are going, "No way!"

And then, for added measure, you sorta bob around up there for awhile until the ride operator decides you've had enough fun and brings you back down.

On the road again....headed home via Palmer, ahead of us in the picture. The skies were like this all day, partly sunny and blue, part ominous and cloudy, but never rained...yipee!

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