Thursday, September 30, 2010

My wood shed surely has a headache....

Believe it or not, I never once thought of getting a photo while getting the downed limb/branch out of the way of the entrance to the wood shed, but this is what was left still when the blockage was cleared out.

Close up view of where the branch was twisted in our recent winds and then eventually snapped, long after the winds were gone, go figure.

Shot from the pasture, the house in the background. Poor shed but, wow, who knew the darn thing was built so sturdy. It stood up well under the thud of this big ol' branch and tho' I've covered up the wood within with the ubiquitous blue tarp, doesn't seem to be leaking. The bit of blue you see here was some tarp the previous owners had put over the top of the shed, too, so it's definitely well "blue tarped".

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