Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hatcher Pass, mostly in shades of white and gray

That white stuff is mostly ice! This is on the left as you approach the main Little Su Viewing pull-over. The rock face sorta left is bordering the road. Larger patches of ice along the shoreline, then a few out scattered near or attached to the rocks/boulders.
Main view of Little Su from the bridge, tho', not the viewing platform. Find the big boulder, sorta left lower corner. That's ice clinging to it! Now look below for a closer view.

Just an odd effect, one that I'd think would be tough to create on purpose for humans, but no problem for Ol' Man Winter.

Same boulder left, but wider view. You can see the ice forming on some of the others but, go figure, the frothy water you see sorta flowing center to bottom is river water, still flowing pretty powerfully. Soon, tho', it'll all be covered up by ice and snow... under several layers of ice, actually.

Didn't really notice more than a few spots of snow until I'd turned up the mountain past MotherLode, then more and more right along the road. This batch, the first I had a chance to stop and shoot, was taken as I climbed the grae and not far from where the big viewing pull-over is of the Valley. No snow on the road all the way up to the Lodge area, which was good since I still don't have my studded tires on the car.

Who out there has really thought about snow as camouflage for structures? But, look closely and you'll see the Hatcher Pass Lodge, sorta lower left, and then the red roof, lower right, that is up at the mine area. Can you find the mostly white mine buildings?

This was one of those spontaneous visits, so didn't take much time shooting pix, but always love this view past the Lodge and down into the Valley beyond.

The Hatcher Lodge end of Wasilla-Fishhook, now closed on this end, I assume for the season. The gate was closed, anyway.

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