Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mts, cool gifts, funny signs and an Iditarod musher

The view from the parking lot at the Holiday Gift Bazaar at Raven Hall today in Palmer.
I never quite seemed to get into photo mode, maybe cos it was so crowded that there wasn't much room to move around for shots, but lots of neat stuff, some Christmas-y, like these, others Alaskana, and some just plain cool stuff.

Loved these, tho' no clue why I didn't get a shot of his really cool looking coat hanger pieces. Beautiful stuff, and fun.

This booth was crowded, so not the best of pix, but these are house or name signs, most with an Alaskan theme. A gal was sitting there doing the names onto them freehand but never got to talk to her cos they were busy, which was good for them.

Isn't this adorable? No clue what it cost. Something told me the ol' adage of "If you've got to ask, you can't afford it" probably held true in this case.
Back outside and headed to lunch, but first, gotta check out the snow levels on the mountains.

Not quite the picture I wanted, but since I'd have had to climb over a chain-linked fence taller than me to put that tree where I wanted it in the shot, this one worked for me. Click on it and find the little black spots in the tree. Those are birds!

Not only is the food good at the Noisy Goose, aka Colony Kitchen, but they have the most entertaining things on their walls to read, even while waiting for a table, which was when this one was spied.

Meet Chris Lund. I didn't know Chris but since there was an IOFC patch on the back of his jacket, it was a bit of a give-away that he was an Iditarod musher. Only talked briefly -- their table was ready before I got seated -- but was fun to add another name to my musher acquaintance list.

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