Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Solstice Eclipse

There are thousands of far better eclipse pix that have been shared all over the internet, so I only shared a few of mine, which were so-so at best. See the Anchorage Daily News for some nice ones from Alaska:
It was just getting started and the moon, incredibly bright, was being surrounded by a ring of clouds. You can see the red tinge to the sky already at the edge.

It's started. A tiny chunk is being covered at the bottom left of the moon.

By now the camera batteries were cold and so was I, so it wasn't working all that well. This shot was essentially all black, so played with it a bit to show that the moon really, really was there.

Oddly enough, for a total "oops" shot, I wound up liking this one. I'd pressed the shutter but didn't notice that the camera was determined to expose this one forever and moved it, hence the multiple images of the bouncy moon look.

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Susan Stevenson said...

I think it is totally cool that we had pretty much the same skies all over AK, it seems. The same clouds, the same red halo. It was an awesome night for eclipse viewing and shooting - although a tad chilly here in the interior.

YAY for the return of the light too.