Wednesday, December 29, 2010


We got a couple inches of snow and, no, they haven't plowed the road yet.

Front yard with its pristine new snow covering.

Taken looking back from the end of the driveway.

One of the reflectors alongside the driveway to ensure neither the snow plow guy nor I with my snow blower wind up clearing the yard instead of just the driveway.

The significance of this otherwise boring, odd photo is what it does NOT show... the step that is supposed to be there. Although we only got a couple inches last night, the winds that seemed to inevitably follow each snowfall we got created a pretty impressive drift up along the south side of the house. Normally it doesn't do this, knowing it's more annoying to me to block the garage door itself, so figured it was worth a picture. The red is the bottom of my coat, btw.

Although it never really intensified, thought the sunset behind the spruce and trees was a lovely way to end my outdoors wanderings today.

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