Saturday, February 12, 2011

Off to the big city

Anyone wanna guess where lunch was today?

Inside Humpy's it's quite festive.

The ultimate goal today was to go to 6th Avenue Outfitters, which is across from Anchorage's Town Square. Unfortunately, no sooner had I discovered that their ice sculptures were, indeed, still intact, then the Olympus camera decided it'd had enough of the cold (single digit temps, tho' on the plus side!) and went on strike, tho' managed to snag this one shot after warming up the batteries in my pocket at lunch.

Heading home, the mountains, straight ahead, are calling me home.

The view as you drive from Anchorage to the Valley is always spectacular, even moreso when the skies are blue and clear.

The view from the PetSmart in Anchorage.
Panning the camera around to the right just a bit...

"Unzooming," if there is such a word, for the wider view across the parking lot to the mountains beyond.

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