Sunday, February 06, 2011

An A.D.D. Kinda Day

I've often joked that I was A.D.D. before there was such a thing and today's photos sorta illustrate this as I zigged and zagged from one thing to the other. Pretty day, tho', and I had fun, which is the important thing, I'd say.

The view heading down the hill.
The view from down the hill as I'm closing in on the Main Street intersection from a side road.

Oh, pretty buildings.....look, look, look!

Oh, pretty lights in the pretty fake-front building...look, look, look!

Oh, doggie tracks....look, look, look!

Oh, Betty's spruce tree...look, look, look!

Oh, SUNSHINE!!!! Look, look, look!

Oh, blue skies....look, look, look!

Oh, mountains ... look, look, look!

Oh, snow hanging off the roof... look, look, look. And this one reminded me that it was cold out there, so I went indoors and downloaded these to share before I saw....Oh, shiny! Er, before I saw something else to distract me. Ha


Susan Stevenson said...

I really need to visit that little historic townsite. I've never been there, but it reminds me somewhat of our Alaskaland (Pioneer Park) and I love stuff like that.

The mountains look gorgeous under sunny skies! I'd be a bit ADD too! LOL

June said...

The old Wasilla Townsite is only a couple blocks off Parks Highway, so you've been close. And, it isn't that large, really crammed into less than a half block of space, so an easy, quick "see".