Wednesday, November 14, 2012

And so it begins.... snow and....misc.

 These shots are about as random as my driving around has been. If you missed the driving around logic, my battery/car wouldn't start twice within a two week time span. Many analysis efforts later, no cause and thus no fix. Since the AAA guy said that it takes about 30 min. to charge up a completely dead battery, I've taken to driving around most days for about that amount of time. Never far afield, but trying to aim the camera at anything even mildly interesting and different that catches my wandering eye. I love taking pix of Alaska but sometimes feel like I'm taking the same photo over and over, so enjoy these often not so common in my portfolio views. And, the cute guys above are just down the road from me but I'd sorta forgotten about them until I was heading out that way for lack of anywhere new to drive one day. Glad I refreshed my memory. Kinda like moose, they're not exactly pretty but way cool.
 Today's view from a usual photo spot, the parking lot of Wonderland/Idita-Park. Mountains were just a bit hazed in.
 Okay, anyone for a picnic at Wasilla Lake?
 Taken while I had the camera in hand last night attempting to capture the snow. Fireplace mantle with assorted "stuff". The lanyards are a couple of my more recent media passes for the race doings. The snowflakes are pretty much permanent fixtures and the red and black material you see is from one of the scarves Karen's dogs (Odie, I think) wore some years ago.
 Light switch cover
 When I arrived in AK to stay, Rosemary gifted me this Van Zyle drawing, which hangs in the living room. The Sunhusky plaque was from Bonz while the handler badge was from my very first race, courtesy of the Plettner Kennel.
 Old Wasilla
I think I took this on Monday as I headed out to drive around mindlessly.
 Pretty sunset
 Moose Tracks....
 Hmm, have caught a sunset reflection on the outside of the house windows before but first time I ever saw one on my car hood.

 The moose that matched the tracks above, or maybe the baby of the mama that was also there and left them.
 Taxi, anyone?
 Next few are just pretty pretties.

 Snow on the driveway.
 Coming down off of Nelson above Wonderland Park.
 I want one of these!!!
 Stopped by to say hello to my new friends again today.

 Might have shared these, not sure, but it's now a "Snow Turkey with Train", I guess.

Heading home. That's my house above me on the hill as I drive out Lone Cub on the way home one day. Lots of trees went kaboom during some of the winds we had earlier, so a bit clearer view than usual. I tried to keep the camera level instead of pointing it up to give a better idea of how high those of us who share this hill really are.... and I'm more than halfway up it at this point!

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