Friday, December 07, 2012

Where's our snow?

Some quite random shots from the last few weeks.

 The ravens enjoying trash day at Dairy Queen.
 View on the way to Thanksgiving Dinner
 Just another sunny winter day

 Christmas tree at Old Wasilla
 Spied on the back window of someone's truck.
 Raven over Wasilla Lake
 Late afternoon clouds
 Notice anything wrong with this boat? But, ah, the memories it surely holds.
 I think I'm in love with this neighbor down the road.
 Hard to see, but the whole ditch is full of ice that has overflown into the road at some point. Not sure if this was a busted water main or what.
 Neighbors decorating for Christmas.
 Putting up the posts and stringing lights at Wasilla Lake
 Notice the lack of snow.
What a cute sleigh.

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